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Poinsettia Sizes

Winter Poinsettia Fundraiser

Fundraising made easy with Malmborg's

Poinsettia sales with Malmborg's is a risk-free fundraising opportunity for your group or organization. Your group members pre-sell poinsettias to family, friends and neighbors; so you only pay for poinsettias you have already sold. After delivering beautiful, Malmborg's grown poinsettias, your group keeps the profits from your sales.

For fundraiser information, please contact Van Cooley at 763.242.4343 or van@geraniumsbygeorge.com

Malmborg's-grown Poinsettias are available to fundraising groups in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro & surrounding area.

2019 Poinsettia Fundraiser Information and Sales Sheets are available below.



Download Additional Information

1a. Application for Fundraiser Account

Please fill out this form if this is your group's first fundraiser with Malmborg's

1b. st3 tax exempt form

If your group is not required to pay sales tax, please fill out this form.

2. Poinsettia Fundraising Information

Setting up your Poinsettia Fundraiser

3. Sales Form

Use this form to sell Poinsettias

4. Group Totals

Use this form to order Poinsettias from Malmborg's

Fundraiser Packet

Information, Sales Form, & Group Totals Form in one file