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Mixed Genus ''

Kwik Kombos are formulated mixes tested for consumer performance in a range of climates.
Designed to provide retail color during the spring and summer months, Kwik Kombos are optimized to continually bloom in various climates.
Kwik Kombos provide maintenance-free plants for the consumer, cover up to 36" in the landscape, and are tough-as-nails groundcover for hard-to-establish landscapes.
Also contains Petunia Dekko Star Coral




Kwik Kombo


Pre-planted annual combinations are perfect for quickly and easily adding color and texture to any setting. Arranging a mix of containers of varied sizes, placed at different heights, will give a lush and professional looking display. Highly contrasting combos can liven up outdoor gathering spots while soft, single toned combos are perfect for places meant for retreat and relaxation. Annual combinations also make great gifts!


Characteristics & Attributes for Mixed Genus 'KK Coral Kisses Mix'

Full Sun
Partial Sun
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Tray Size
17 - Preforma strip (17 plants)
Bedding Plant
Hanging Basket

Companion Plants:

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