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Thyme Interesting Notes:

"Garden thyme is a universal herb that is so widely used for culinary purposes that it prompted the writers of the Grass Roots Herb Society Newsletter to offer the following to cooks - "When in doubt, use thyme." Indeed it is a favorite of cooks and used with all types of meat and vegetables. The leaves and flowering stems are used in sachets, and the dried flowers have been used to preserve linens from insects. Thyme is also reported to be a benefit as a companion planting to eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. Bees are attracted in great numbers to thyme when it is in flower. Gardeners who do not wish to welcome this insect should cut the blossoms off before they begin to open. The oil Thymol is used in pharmaceuticals." -Still, Steven "Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants"

did you know?

Thyme symbolized courage and energy to ancient Greek athletes, who would rub its oil on their arms before a competition. The herb's long medicinal history, including use in Egyptian embalming, is borne out in its proven antiseptic properties. As recently as World War I, it was used to clean wounds.

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Thyme Thymus dentata 'French'


Thyme Grower Tips:

Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Does best in light, well-drained soil. Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings.

Culinary herb for gardens and containers. Excellent for flavoring a variety of dishes. Outstanding for planting near walkways, decks and patios where scent can be enjoyed. Wash fruits, vegetables and herbs thoroughly before eating.


6-12 Inches




12 Inches

Hardiness Zone:



Neat, upright shrub with spicy, sweet flavored narrow leaves and pale, pinkish-purple flowers. Can be used for Topiaies or fresh and dried in stuffings and sauces.


Characteristics & Attributes for Thyme Thymus dentata 'French'

Full Sun
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Dry Soil
Ground Cover
Heat Tolerant
Great Foliage
Low Maintenance
Foliage Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Tray Size
25 - Preforma Strip (26 Plants)
Herb Garden
Bedding Plant