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Dahlia 'Hypnotica Pink Bicolor'


Ideal choice for beds, borders, and cutting gardens. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Cut flowers are long-lasting in fresh bouquets.


10-18 in




18-24 in

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Dahlinova Hypnotica® are real eye catchers in landscapes or containers, and especially on your balcony or patio. The radiant colors of the very large, elegant flowers are overwhelming and will always attract attention.

This variety combines nicely with other bedding plants and they also contrast nicely against landscape shrubs, in these conditions their beauty is then even more brilliant. The Dahlinova Hypnotica® series offers you an abundance of flowers throughout the summer and autumn, from May to October.

Characteristics of Dahlinova Hypnotica® series: 
Large flowers, Vigorous plant habit, Good branching, Uniform in flowering, Flowers through summer, Abundance of flowers

Unique facts: 
Very good branching, Rain and mildew tolerant, Uniform flowering series, Short crop time

Only one cutting needed per gallon, Little to no PGR’s required, depending on light level and temperature, Abundance of flowers, Constantly flowering during the summer

Pot sizes: 
Dahlinova Hypnotica® can be grown in pot sizes of 5 - 7,5 inches and up

8-10 weeks in early spring, 7-8 weeks in late spring/summer. Longer day of 12 - 14 hours will make them bloom faster. Unpinched culture makes faster blooming, but plant habit is less vigorous, Pinch culture 1-2 weeks after potting; Pinched culture makes stronger growing varieties

Tips for making the most of your colorful Dahlinova Hypnotica®. Your garden will be flowering as never before.

Dahlinova Hypnotica® can be grown in borders, pots and containers. Dahlinova Hypnotica® needs enough light and water, Always keep the soil moist. The strong, voluminous plants need enough space; plant the varieties about 50 cm apart.

If you pinch the shoots of the young plants, they will branch even more and you will enjoy voluminous strong plants with even more flowers. Depending on the kind of soil Dahlinova Hypnotica needs nutrients on a regular basis. Taller Dahlinova Hypnotica's can be supported as an extra assurance against strong winds if the flowers are very large and heavy.

Let yourself be hypnotized and enjoy a brilliant season!


Characteristics & Attributes for Dahlia 'Hypnotica Pink Bicolor'

Full Sun
Partial Sun
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Cut Flower/Foliage
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Bedding Plant